Public Safety

Public Safety is my number one concern.


We need to look at different ways to make the Bemidji community more safe and transparent for all residents. Our current inequalities and racial disparities set us back from reaching our full potential as a community.


As city councilor, I will look for ways to have a proactive instead of reactive approach to public safety, which will lower the recidivism rate within the city. I also believe that increasing community involvement and oversight for public safety will provide for more transparent and secure public safety for all.

Economic Development

My platform strives for local businesses to establish themselves and invest within the city.

As a small business owner, I know the difficulties and challenges of building a successful business. I will bring my business experience to the city council and work with our city's business owners to ensure we have a community built to support economic development and to grow wealth within the community.


Every resident of Bemidji should have adequate resources and opportunity to find a safe place to dwell. Housing is a big issue within our ciy and I will continue to advocate for all citizens within city decision-making. Homeless, low-income, disabled, and elderly residents should not be left out of the decision making process and will have a voice.


Bemidji's resources and infrastructure play an important role in the city's decision making. We need to figure out how to pay for the new water plant without skyrocketing utility bills. Finding ways to implement more green and energy-efficient solutions for the city will lower the cost of electric statement and put more money into the pockets of our hard-working citizens. The roadways around the city, especially in school areas and high traffic areas are also always a concern to ensure they are well-maintained and safe for all.


Building Bridges

Working for the people is my passion and I feel that my voice will bring refreshing change and outspoken leadership that the citizens deserve. I want to bridge the gaps of disparity so that everyone in Bemidji can come together and build a better foundation. Bemidji is a richly diverse community and we want to embrace everyone who is willing to make Bemidji a better place for all.


I hope to be your voice of change come after this election. Vote Jourdain!


Thank you for your time. Feel free to view my platform below and as always, feel free to call or email for further discussion.